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Las Vegas holds legendary status among fun seekers. This is because of many reasons. One of the main reasons people have fun in Las Vegas is because of its escorts. Las Vegas escorts are the catalyst anyone who wants to have in Las Vegas needs. One of the Vegas escorts to look out for in Sin City is Tia. From the way she looks to the way she carries herself around, she checks all the right boxes. She is exactly what you need in order to unwind and have a memorable time in Las Vegas. There is no need to talk about her looks and ‘assets’. Words cannot do them justice. Her pictures can. Just check out her profile and you will understand the kind of escort she is.

What She Brings To The Table

Las Vegas escorts like her bring a lot to the table. In her case, she brings beauty, elegance, style and naughtiness galore. When you are going for someone you want to spend your night, weekend or holiday with, you want her to be the best. If you choose her, you will not go wrong. Here is why. She knows the city more than many people in Las Vegas. She will take you wherever it is you want to go. If you are from Las Vegas, you can kick it at awesome joints in town. If you are not, just tell her what you enjoy doing and she will take care of the rest.

That is not all. She is the best companion you can ever take to an event. If you want a date to an event, she is your girl. She easily connects to people. She knows how to make good conversation and she is polite in her manners. She knows when to talk and when not to. She knows how to complement you and make you look like an alpha male in front of your peers. She never forgets that it is about you. She has no problem being a trophy ‘girlfriend’, date or anything else you want her to be. She will be the best at it at the end of the day.


When it comes to dressing, you will not find many Las Vegas escorts better than her. She loves looking good. Whether you are just hanging out in doors or you want to go out, she will come dressed to kill. She has outfits for all occasions. She can dress sluttily for you and she can also be elegantly and classily dressed for those events that need that. She is adept at matching her outfit with how she acts. For example, if she dresses classily, she will not act sluttily and vice versa.

If you thought that Las Vegas escorts are just beauties with nothing else to offer, you better think again. There are many like her who are college educated. She knows that to be of service to the many high profile clients she attracts, she has to offer more than just a pretty face. As a result, she keeps abreast of happenings in the world of business, the world of entertainment and many other things the world over. You can therefore talk to her about anything that is of interest to you.

Part Time Stripper

You may be impressed by what you have read about her already. But that has not even scratched the surface as far as she is concerned. For example, she is not just an escort. She also works part time as a stripper at Treasures. When she is your escort in Las Vegas, you know you are getting more than an escort. You are getting a stripper as well. And not just any stripper; one of the best in the game.

Las Vegas’ nightlife is one of the best in the world. She loves going out and Marquee is where she loves frequenting. If you are new and want a great hangout, she will always recommend it. If you are from Las Vegas and prefer another place, she does not mind. There are other awesome clubs like The Bank, Tao and XS which she also likes. If you like club hopping, you can hop between these clubs too.

tia3What To Expect From Her

There are also many things she can do for you. She loves to massage you and get you feeling refreshed and relaxed. That way, you are in the best shape to have fun. After that, you can have the kind of fun you were looking forward to have with her. For starters, you can role play with her. She loves acting and enjoys being a nurse taking care of you or even a naughty student getting punished. If role play is your thing or you would love to try it, all you need to do is tell her and she will do the rest.

You should not be afraid of asking. That is why you are paying her. She does not mind whether you are a newbie or you are seasoned in dealing with escorts. She has a great service which you will love and enjoy. In Las Vegas, it is easy to feel left out and alone if you do not have the right company. The company you have and keep is crucial in having a great time. The city is big and has many activities. Day or night, people are always having fun. This may be overwhelming to some people but when you are with her, you will never feel that.

A Service With A Difference

She is not just great at having fun, but she is also a great Vegas companions girl as well. She loves sitting down with you and talking. This can be over a drink or a meal whether in your house, hotel room or even at a restaurant or bar. She takes her time to know you so that when you become a repeat client, she will have known all she needs to know about you. This knowing you is never in vain because it is what usually leads her to customize her services for you. And always, that is one of the things to look out for if you want to know a great escort in Las Vegas. There are many escorts in Las Vegas and elsewhere who will claim to being good but their services leave much to be desired. There is no way one can offer top services when that person offers the same services to everybody. The difference with this escort is that she provides a service that suits your tastes and preferences. You do not need to tell her. Whenever she is interacting with you, she seeks to learn more about you and then uses the information to provide better services to you.


Keeping secrets is another thing you need to know about this escort. Many escorts know that if they want to have a thriving business, they must be able to keep secrets. In the course of her work, she gets to learn of people’s secrets. But one thing she never does is tell them to anyone else. If you happen to tell her something you did not intend to or you purposely told her, it does not matter. It will always remain a secret between the two of you. That is one of the things that make people trust her. Besides role playing, she likes to show you what naughty is the Las Vegas way. If you think you have seen naughty, wait till you are with her. She knows all the right buttons to push and how to make you relax and have the time of your life. She can lap dance for you and she can also pole dance. She is after all a stripper too. She can blow more than your mind and she also loves putting on a show for you. This show can be all about her showing her beautiful self to you, playing with her toys or she can invite another escort and they can entertain you.

Las Vegas is a great place to visit and to have fun. It does not matter who you are. Whether you are here for your bachelor party, you are here on holiday or you are in Las Vegas on business, you need the best escort in Las Vegas. Luckily for you, you do not have to waste a lot of time, energy and money looking for one. She is here. All you need is to contact her at 702-505-8062 and she will see to it that you go back with happy memories.

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